Train: CHL

Chico Local

Train originates in Orchard Yard, Chico


The Chico local serves industries within the Orchard and Old Chico yard areas. This includes the busy team track off the South Main at the east end of Orchard yard, as well as various local industries and spots for the railroad itself.

The Orchard yard crew typically blocks the Chico local so that it may make sense to work the team track separately from the balance of the spots. This minimizes the number of cars which must be hauled through the yard.

The Chico local does almost all of its work within Yard Limits. This means that you will not need to call the Dispatcher for clearances unless a long string of cars causes you to go past the west yard limits to clear a switch. You will need to move very slowly, as Yard Limits rules require all trains to be able to stop clear of any danger. Typically this means 5mph or less on the prototype, which seems very slow on the model until you are used to the pace.

When you are finished switching Chico, take all of the cars back to Orchard yard to the track designated by the Tower Operator or Yardmaster.


CHL Procedures

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