Train: EPU -- Eastbound "Pick-up"

Long distance local drops off / picks up blocks (no industry switching)

Train originates in Portland staging

The eastbound Pick-up is runs from the division- and interchange-point of Stern to Stockton. It carries both "long" EB cars (bound for locations off the layout) and some local cars. On the visible portion of the layout, the EPU drops Los Molinos/Red Bluff bound cars in Los Molinos, then runs to Orchard yard.

In Orchard, the yard job assists with the drop-off of Chico and Sambone cars and helps add "long east" cars before the EPU leaves town. (Note that the EPU does not drop Sambone cars in Sambone – we assume it is relatively close to Orchard yard, so it doesn’t make good business sense).

The EPU crew ends their day in Valley staging.


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