Train: LML

Los Molinos Local

Train originates in Orchard Yard, Chico


The Los Molinos Local serves the communities of Los Molinos and Red Bluff. Besides its own local work, the LML also coordinates pick-up of expedited refrigerator cars by the EB Sierra Fruit Express. In addition, the LML spots WB traffic on a siding in Los Molinos for later pick-up by the Westbound Pick-up.

If the LML is in town when these trains arrive, it is required that the crew help the through trains with pick-ups and drop-offs to minimize impact to the through trains’ schedules, especially the ultra-hot Sierra Fruit Express.

It is suggested that the LML crew pay close attention to the time when the SFX is due in town. It may be prudent to pull the loaded reefers from the packing sheds immediately upon arriving in Los Molinos so as not to risk delaying the SFX. (Or if you feel lucky, just go work Red Bluff first … of course, if that hot load of grapes misses the SFX …)

Beyond that caution, the crew may work Red Bluff and Los Molinos as they like (and the Dispatcher allows), although the Orchard yard crew typically blocks the train to make it easiest to handle Red Bluff before the balance of Los Molinos. The train is also typically blocked to make it easiest to work the industries on the South Main (furthest from the aisle) first.

After finishing with the local switching, the LML brings all EB and other "on-layout" traffic back to Orchard Yard in Chico.

LML Procedures

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