Train: RDH

Redding Hauler

"Cab hop" move from Orchard Yard to Redding and return


Train originates in Orchard Yard as needed


The RDH is only called if there are too many cars in Portland staging. This could happen if WB trains were too long for the temporary staging tracks or if a second section of a WB freight was run. This train is unique on the SW&SF in that it requires waybills to be "cycled" during a session, so it would only be used in exceptional circumstances.

An engine and caboose leave Orchard yard WB to pick up excess cars from Red Bluff Siding (typically) or Portland staging. The RDH consists of both on-layout destinations and long-east cars and terminates in Orchard yard. The train is broken down after it returns to Orchard yard and the cars are classified by the yard job.

RDH Procedures

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