Train: SBL

Sambone Local

Train originates in Orchard Yard, Chico

The Sambone Local serves the industrial district of Sambone, a few miles RR west of Chico. SBL is a busy job because the local crew must move from one main to another to work the various industries and there is no separate passing siding. The Dispatcher must keep higher priority through traffic moving through Sambone all the while, so it is important to plan your moves carefully.

The Orchard yard crew typically blocks the SBL so that it is easiest to work the North Main (aisle side) of town first. You may want to make use of the run-around formed by the Nut Track and Drywall switches or use the Nut track to hold cars out of your way while you switch the rest of town.

When you are finished switching Sambone, take all of the cars back to Orchard yard. Through trains donít stop in Sambone to pick up "long" cars (those with destinations beyond the layout).


SBL Procedures

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