Train: VSC

Valley "Super C" expedited freight

Hot time freight for traffic from Midwest / Southern California

Train originates in Stockton/Valley staging

The Valley Super C is an extension of the ATSF’s famous "Super C" expedited freight service. Hot freight from Midwest and So. Cal. markets is combined in Barstow for a fast run through Tehachapi, up the valley, and across the visible portion of our layout, with destinations in the Pacific Northwest. Loads include trailer-on-flat-car, auto and aircraft parts, shipments for export via northwest ports, etc.

A few hot cars bound for local (on-layout) destinations will also be in the train. To take care of these local "hot blocks", the VSC pauses briefly in Orchard yard while the yard job pulls off local cars and adds "hot" cars bound for Pacific Northwest destinations. Some of these hot cars will be from the Sacramento Northern (Western Pacific) transfer job, as the WP and the ATSF offer combined expedited service in competition with the SP. The VSC makes no other stops on the visible layout, ending its run in Portland staging.

As with the original Chicago-LA Super C, the VSC is the hottest freight on the railroad and the Dispatcher will treat it accordingly.


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