Train: WPU -- Westbound "Pick-up"

Long distance local drops off / picks up blocks (no industry switching)

Train originates in Stockton/Valley staging


The Westbound Pick-up runs from Stockton to Stern. It carries both "long" WB cars (bound for locations off the layout) and some local cars. On the visible portion of the layout, the WPU drops local cars in Orchard yard. (It’s most efficient for the railroad to classify these in Orchard and deliver them via the locals.) More "long west" cars are picked up in Orchard as well with the help of the yard job.

After leaving Orchard yard, the WPU proceeds to Los Molinos to pick-up "long west" cars gathered by the Los Molinos Local. The WPU then proceeds to its final modeled destination, the Portland staging yard.


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