The National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) is an organization started in 1935 and is solely dedicated to all facets of the Model Railroad Hobby. There are many links to other model railroad web pages here. BTW: We were the NMRA Webmaster's Choice of model railroad picture sites for November, which is Model Railroad Month!!!.

The ATSF Internet Resource Center is a great page to find many valuable links to Santa Fe specific information.

At the Cyberspace World Railroad pages you'll be able to find just about everything you may want to know about railroading, whether it is about the prototype or the models.

The Layout Design SIG (Special Interest Group) is a group dedicated to refining the process of designing model railroads to meet your specific needs. Online discussion groups, newsletters, magazines and reference materials related to model railroad design are all benefits of membership in this group. Check out the links to the layouts of LD-SIG members.

SystemOne by Wangrow Electronics, Inc. is the DCC control system we are using, and we are happy with it. This is their web page.

North Coast Engineering North Coast Engineering manufactures some exciting DCC products that we are using. Check out their pages.

Tried & True Trains "The World Of DCC" pages has excellent information about DCC systems, vendors, dealers, and installation hints.

Webville and Hypertext Railroad Company's web pages is a site for the archiving of historical and informational documents and binaries concerning Railroads, Railfanning and Model Railroading. Lots of neat stuff here.

If you are interested in an easy to use railroad sites catalog on the interent, try RailServe, The Internet Railroad Directory.

The Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society is a group of Santa Fe prototype and model enthusiasts dedicated to researching, preserving, modeling and discussing their favorite railroad. Membership in the society includes a quartely magazine, the Warbonnet, and access to historical archives. An annual convention is also held each summer. The society also publishes some very comprehensive books on various Santa Fe subjects. Their web site will give you an idea of what this group is all about.

You may have seen Jack Burgess' famous Yosemite Valley Railroad layout in the national model RR magazines. Fortunately, it is nearby and worth visiting. You can visit his web site which includes, along with a historical overview, insights on Jack's modeling philosophy and interests. His approach to the hobby is slightly different than most modelers since he is modeling a specific prototype rather than a generic, free-lanced railroad, duplicating it as closely as possible. Also included at this site is a link to the all-electronic historical society for the YVRR and the current newsletter for the society.

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