Mileage chart
How far is it from one station to the other on the SW&SF? These charts show you the 'selectively compressed' distance between any two stations on the layout.

SW&SF Locomotive Roster
This list is intended as a record of all locos in operation on the SW&SF. In the near future we plan to have a photo of each type of loco for you to see.

CTC Machine
A digital model of the proposed CTC panel for the SW&SF. This is a long term plan and probably will be built in a couple of years.

Southern Pacific Loop
The lower reverse loop and staging tracks for the Southern Pacific mainline will be controlled by this panel.

Chico Wye Tower Control Area
The Chico Wye Tower will control all tracks coming through this interlocking plant from the Valley Staging yard, the Southern Pacific Staging tracks (lower helix), the Sacramento Northern staging yard and reverse loop, the Richmond Staging yard, and the mainline from Chico, plus the south end of the Arrival/Departure yard in Chico and mainline access to the south end of the upper classification yard.

Helix Construction
Yes, there is a helix on the SW&SF. It is only used to quickly move trains to and from the upper and lower levels when setting up for operating sessions. This diagram describes how the helix is constructed.

Grade Profile
The modeled portion of the Santa Fe mainline begins at Chico Wye Tower (milepost 1252.2), the lowest point on the layout at 182 feet above sea level. The highest point is appropriately called Hypoint (milepost 1394.6), at 4,237 feet above sea level, for a total climb of 4,055 feet. The grade is relatively flat until Redding (milepost 1326.9), rising only 355 feet in 72.7 miles. From Redding to Hypoint, the grade rises another 3700 feet in only 67.7 miles.

Control Panels
The various Control Panels necessary to run a large railroad are shown and described.

Operations Manual

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